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A Better Deal for PGRs

About this survey

UK Research and Innovation, the largest single funder of PhD scholarships in the UK, has announced that it wants to create a 'new deal' that delivers for all postgraduate researchers (PGRs), universities and others. 

We want to make sure it's a better deal for all PGRs. 

Use this survey to tell us what that deal should look like. We will use your answers to help inform our submission to UKRI, and our other campaigning for PGRs. We may quote your answers directly, but this survey is anonymous so you will not be identifiable.

The survey has 4 sections: 
  1. About you
  2. Making the PhD work better for you
  3. Our proposals for a better deal
  4. A better deal for different groups of PGRs. 
The deadline for this survey is 3 April 2022. 

You can also contribute to the UKRI consultation directly here

If you have any questions, comments or want to contribute in a different way or different format, please email the team at and/or