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UCU survey on the employers' proposed changes to USS pensions

Your pension

UCU is the trade union that represents the interests of members of the USS pension scheme and negotiates on members' behalf with employers. UCU is providing this tool to all staff, whether or not they are UCU members, to ensure they are better informed about the changes which employers are considering making to USS. 

By completing this survey and giving your views on those changes, you will strengthen UCU’s ability to represent you and secure the best possible retirement benefits for you and for other staff.
2. Are you currently a member of the USS pension scheme?  *This question is required.
3. Why are you not currently a member of USS? Please select as many answers as are relevant. 

Under what circumstances might you consider leaving USS, even if you remained eligible for membership?


Please select as many answers as are relevant. 
3. Users of our modeller will see reductions in their annual DB pension and DB cash lump sum under the ‘proposed’ scenario which employers are considering, compared with the ‘current’ scenario. For some users these reductions could be partially offset by an increase in the cash lump sum from their DC Investment Builder. The DB pension and DB lump sum are guaranteed, while the DC lump sum is not guaranteed – it could be lower or higher than the amount shown.

The modeller only illustrates benefits which you could build up between 1 April 2022 and a hypothetical retirement age of 66. Benefits built up before 1 April 2022 are not affected by the UUK proposals and are not included.

How confident are you that you can build up decent, secure retirement benefits under the 'proposed' scenario which the modeller illustrates for you?
Very confidentConfidentNeutralNot confidentNot confident at all
4. Has your employer communicated with staff in your institution about potential changes to USS since 7 April 2021?  *This question is required.
5. Now that you have used our modeller, how satisfied are you, on reflection, with the information which your employer has given you about the proposed changes to your pension? 
Very dissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeither satisfied nor dissatisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfied
5. In addition to the changes illustrated by our modeller, your employer has also been consulted on ways to address the high rate of staff opting out of USS. This is a problem that affects lower paid and precariously employed staff in particular. 

Which of these ways of addressing the opt out rate would you prefer?