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Workload survey 2021

Which sector do you work in?

The University & College Union are conducting this survey to investigate the changing size & intensity of workloads in universities, colleges, prison education & adult education. We know that many workers in these sectors experience excessive workloads that cause stress and poor mental health, and that the Covid-19 pandemic has further added to workloads.

This survey will provide evidence to support local & national campaigns and negotiations to reduce excessive workloads.

The survey will take around 25 mins to complete, and respondents will be able to enter a prize draw for 5 x £50 vouchers upon completion. You can skip any questions you'd prefer not to answer. Please encourage your colleagues to complete this survey too (whether UCU members or not).

When answering the survey questions, please think about all the in-person & online work that you do.
1. Please select the sector you work in